Why do I get an error message when I try to reply?


You'll get the error message below when you enter your personal contact info like your phone number, email or link to an outside website:

Please refrain from exchanging personal contact info with a host and try to keep all communication via Roomorama. If you communicate and transact outside the site, we have no way of tracking your payment and protect you from scams.

If you haven't entered any contact information but you are still getting the error message, please check your punctuation. For example, if you say "I am coming with 2 friends.It is for a bachelorette party", our clever little system thinks that "friends.it" is an email address and will reject your message. So make sure your sentence is punctuated properly and looks like this instead: "I am coming with 2 friends. It is for a bachelorette party".

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