How do I see the exact address of the property and the contact information of the host?


Information such as property address and host contact details are hidden for privacy purposes. The information will be available on Roomorama after your pre-paid booking request is accepted by the host. Roomorama will send you an email confirmation with the property address and host contact details as soon as the booking is confirmed. At that stage, you can call/email your Host to arrange the details of your check in.

Tip: Ready to check-in? Before the trip make sure that you have done the following:
- Inform your host regarding your arrival details.
- Submit the signed Guest Agreement form together with you documents back to us.
Remember to hand over your payment code to your host upon check-in.  If we do not hear from you within 24 hours on the check-in date* we will release the payment to the host.
* - Check-in date starts at 12am local time, on the day of arrival

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