What is Host Activity (Host Dashboard)?


The Host Dashboard is the main function tab for Hosts which contains all inquiries and bookings. 

To access, simply sign in to your Roomorama account, click on the drop down menu for your username and select "Host Dashboard".

The Host Dashboard page will contain 5 major tabs to help you organize your inquiries. All your Guest inquiries are automatically arranged and saved under the shortcut tabs depending on their status. Each tab will display the total number of inquiries that you have. 

To select, simply click on the specific tab. To make it easier to locate an inquiry always check the 
status. Each tab will contain the following inquiries 
Outstanding– This tab will contain your unpaid inquiries . The status of these inquiries can either be "Pending", which are inquiries that you have not confirmed availability or "Available" these are inquiries that you have confirmed availability.

Booked – This tab will contain inquires that are paid and “Booked” by your guest.

Completed – This tab will contain paid inquiries marked as complete. The inquiry status will either show as “Completed Stay-Awaiting Payment” which are inquiries awaiting payment from Roomorama or “Completed Stay-Paid” which are inquiries that are paid by Roomorama already .
Cancelled – This tab will contain paid inquiries that you or your guest have “Cancelled”.
Declined – This tab will contain unpaid inquiries that you or your guest have “Declined” or marked as unavailable.

On the display window you will be able to arrange the inquiries by Property, Guest, Dates (Check in/out), You Make and Status. 

The following features are also available on the upper right side of the Host Dashboard page:
Add New Property– You use this feature to upload a new property listing to your account.
Manage Properties – You use this feature to edit your current property listing such as the availability, room rates and property descriptions.
ShoutOuts – Are generic inquiries from guests who are looking for accommodations in a specific destination or city. You can use this feature to search for guests that might be suitable for your property.

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