Can I add an internal reference name or number (ID) for my property listings?


You can add an Internal ID as your reference for our property listings. This is ideal for hosts with multiple property listings. Feel free to label your property for easy identification.

Below are the steps to set the Internal Id or reference name. 

For New Listings

Once you create your property listing, you just simply key in your reference name or Id under the "Internal ID" under the Information section. 


For Existing Listings

1) Sign in to your Roomorama account and select "Manage Properties" from the username menu to edit your property listings.

2) Select the property that you would like to edit and then click on "Edit Description". You use this function to view and edit your property details, address, amenities, conditions and photos in your listings.

3) Scroll down the "About Your Property" section and enter your reference name or ID on the "Internal ID" field. To save and update your listings, click on "Save & Continue" which is located at the bottom page. 


The property listing with an Internal ID will look like this. Please note that this information is only visible for the Host.

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  • Avatar
    Marsha Cuningham

    explain why it's necesssary

  • Avatar
    Aurelie Rental

    I think it's very useful.

    Say you want your header to describe your property, something like "Beautiful ocean-front property with private pool" but what if you've got 5 different ocean-front properties.

    When you're contacted by a potential guest you'll be trying to guess which ones of those 5 you named "Ocean-front villa" or "Beach-side home".

    Instead of all the guess work, make your Internal ID the name of your property. That way, no more guessing.

    I wish AirBnB had this feature!

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