I receive a ShoutOut email notification from Roomorama, what is my next step?


ShoutOuts is a feature in Roomorama that allows guest to post a generic inquiry regarding their accommodation needs in a specific city or destination. As a Host, you will be able to access the ShoutOuts page to search for inquiries that might be suitable for your property listings.

For the steps on how to do access the ShoutOuts page, click on this link. What are ShoutOuts and how can I use them to get more bookings?

Aside from this, Roomorama will also be sending an email notification to all active Hosts if a ShoutOut is available for your city/destination. 

For Hosts: Once you receive this email notification, you will have an option offer your property. Please note after you "Make an Offer to the ShoutOut" a confirmed inquiry will be sent to the guest with an "Available"status. At that stage, all you need to do is wait for the guest to either finalize the inquiry or send you a reply!

The ShoutOuts notification email will look like this. In order to view and offer your property, just sign-in to your Roomorama account and click on the link given on the email. 

**If your property listings are not available, you don't need to click the link in the email. Simply disregard the email.**

Important: Please do not reply to the email since your message will not be send to the guest!

This will take you to the Make Offer page, from here you can review the details of the ShoutOut. To make an offer select your property listing for the drop down menu. Feel free to add a short message for your guest, to finalize and send click on "Make Offer"

Please make sure to check the following before clicking on "Make Offer"

- Room/property availability for the dates requested
- Room rates and other surcharges are correct and updated.

Please note, the website will check the availability and maximum number of guest in your property listing and match it with the ShoutOut. If you did not meet any of those requirements, the website will not allow you to make an offer. To resolve this issue, simply update either the room availability or maximum number of guest in your property listing before you make an offer.

You can retrieve your inquiry in your Host Dashboard. To go to that page, simply click on “Host Activity”  tab and click on “Outstandingtab to access your inquiries marked as Available. Inquiries generated from ShoutOuts will have a red speech bubble icon.

Please note, if you use ShoutOuts, you are sending back a confirmation inquiry advising your guest that your property is available for the requested dates. Therefore, the guest will now have the option to complete the payment online based on the rates that you have confirmed.

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