The Availability Calendar


Availability Calendar, is one of the tools used by Host to manage their inventory. Each property listing will have a corresponding Availability Calendar. This calendar is automatically updated based on inquiries that they receive such as Booked inquiries,  Cancelled/Declined inquiries (as long as the Host marked the dates as unavailable) and Outstanding inquiries. 

Booked Inquiries - 
are paid inquiries from Guest.
Cancelled/Declined Inquiries - are inquiries cancelled or marked as unavailable by the Host 
Outstanding Inquiries - are inquiries that are confirmed by the Host as available ("Available" Inquiries). 

For example, if you received a paid or "Booked" inquiry. Your booked dates will automatically be blocked in your availability calendar (this will be highlighted in blue) to avoid duplicate bookings. At the same time, your property listing will also show as unavailable in Roomorama for the same dates. 

Below is a brief explanation regarding the color-codes in the Availability Calendar. 

The unavailable dates will be highlighted in “Gray” while the available dates will have “No Highlights (Clear)”For paid or "Booked" inquiries, the dates on the calendar will be highlighted in “Blue” and for outstanding inquiries  the dates will be highlighted in “Light Blue”. 

If the dates are under "Outstanding Inquiries" does it mean that my Property is not available anymore?

Please note once you use Confirm Availability, Suggest an Alternative Property or Make an offer through ShoutOuts the inquiry will be marked as "Available". Therefore, the dates based on that inquiry will be marked as an "Outstanding Inquiry" on your availability calendar. If you see this, it doesn't mean that those dates will be unavailable in Roomorama. Guest can still send you inquiries for those dates which are in the "Outstanding Inquiries" state. The dates on the calendar will only be blocked if you either received a paid or "Booked" inquiry or if you manual marked the dates as "Unavailable"

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