How do I pay using "Book Now"?


With the "Book Now" work flow, Guests are now able to pre-authorize payment if they are ready to book the property. After submitting your payment, the Host will be notified via email to accept the booking within 24 hours. Once the Host accepts, you will be charged the full amount of your booking. If the Host declines or does not respond within the given time limit, your booking inquiry will be cancelled and the pre-authorization will be released. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you are sending multiple booking inquiries, you will be charged for EVERY booking that a Host accepts –even if they are for the same dates. 

Below are the simple steps on how to use the "Book Now" feature.  

1) Click on "BOOK NOW". This will bring you to the Checkout page.

2) On the Checkout page, scroll down to review the Trip Details, Property Details and Payment Details. 

If you have a discount code: Simply enter your discount code under the "Enter discount code here". Click on"Update Total" to apply the discount in your booking. Once your rates are updated, you now proceed with the payment (For more information oh how to redeem your discount code, click here.)

3) Select your payment preference and enter the information that is needed. Click on "Pay Now" to finalize the payment.

4) After submitting your payment, you will immediately receive an email confirmation. Roomorama will notify the Host via email to accept the Booking Request within 24 hours or it will be cancelled. You may view your pending Booking Inquiry under the "Inquiries" tab. 

5) Once the Host accepts the booking, you will be notified via email. The confirmation email will contain the Host phone number, email address, property address and the 6-digit payment code. Below is a sample email confirmation.

Remember to present your 6-digit payment code to your Host when you check-in!

**If the Host declines or does not respond to your Booking Inquiry, automatically the booking request will be cancelled. You will also receive an email notification similar to the one below. At this stage, you can now search for alternative properties on Roomorama.**


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