How do I cancel a booking?


All cancellations request for paid or "Booked" inquiries, must be done prior to your check in date. Once you have checked in, you will need to speak to the Host directly about any cancellations or changes to your current stay. For cancellations prior to your check in date, we suggest that you inform your Host first before you proceed with the actual cancellation online.

Below are the steps on how to cancel your booking.

Sign in to your Roomorama account and click on "My Travel Plans" and then click on the "Bookings" tab. Your paid inquiries will be saved under this tab. Click on the specific inquiry to view. 

TIP: Before you proceed with the cancellation request, please review the information under "Cancellation Policy". This policy may vary depending on your Host.

On the Inquiry Summary page, click on "Cancel Booking", you will see this on the upper right column.

Another window will pop-up to reconfirm your cancellation request. Review the cancellation policy and as courtesy kindly advise your Host the reason for your cancellation request. Click the "I understand, please cancel this booking" button to finalize and save your request.

Your cancelled bookings will be saved under the "Bookings" tab. 

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