How do I edit the room rates, seasonal rate, taxes and surcharges on my listings?


Feel free to manage your own rates! Just follow the simple steps below. 

Sign in to your Roomorama account and select "Manage Properties" from the username menu.

Select the property that you would like to edit and then click on "Update Rates". You use this function to view and edit your room rates, seasonal rates, taxes and surcharges in your listing.

You will be redirected to the "Rates" section under the Manage Property page. On this page, you can view and edit your Default Rates. You can also add/edit any Seasonal Rates, Taxes, Guest Surcharges andMiscellaneous Charges. 

You can also use "Preview Rates" to test your existing or new rates. To check this feature click on this link. Can I preview my room rates after I save my property listing?

To update your Default Rates, simply click on "Edit" located next to the default rate. Another window will pop-up, here you can edit the nightly, weekly and monthly rates. To save the new rates click on "Update".

For updating room rates, if you leave the weekly and monthly rates as blank. The website will automatically compute those rates based on your nightly rate. 

For your Seasonal Rates, you can use the section under "Add new rates" at the right hand column of the page. Based on your period, select your start date on the first box and end date on the second box. Feel free to use the automated calendar option to select your dates. Enter the new rates (nightly, weekly and monthly), to save simply click on "Update Pricing". Your new seasonal rates will then be displayed under your default rates.

For host with an 
existing seasonal rates, you can also delete or edit a specific rate. Just choose the specific rate and click on either “Edit” to amend the rates or click on “Delete” to delete the rate. (Roomorama will automatically capture your "Default Rates" if there is no seasonal rates in your listing.)

You can also click on the "Show Additional Guest/Taxes/Misc" button to update the Extra Guest Surcharge, Taxes and Miscellaneous Charges. 

Add or edit the information based on your policy, to finalize the changes click on "Save".


Once your done updating your rates, taxes or surcharges, a pop-up window will appear on top page to confirm the changes. Please see the sample below. 

**Please note if you have existing inquiries the rates, taxes and surcharges on those inquiries will not change retroactively. The updated rates, taxes or surcharges that will only be applicable to inquiries made after the changes.**

To Edit the Booking Summary of an existing inquiry, please click on the link.  

Can I still edit the rates, taxes, dates and number of Guest for inquiries that I have 'Accepted'?

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