What if I have multiple spaces that I would like to rent out?



Feel free to list as many accommodations as you like! For Hosts with multiple properties, we suggest that you list each property separately for maximum exposure. We have a simple and very useful feature for Hosts that allows you copy and edit from an existing listing. Using this as a shortcut will save you time in adding a new property listing!

If you have an existing property listing and you want to use the "Duplicate" feature. You can follow the steps below.

To start just sign in to your Roomorama account and click on the drop down menu for your username, select "Manage Properties". On the next page, click on "Add New Property".

On the New Property page, simply select the property that you want to replicate and click on "Duplicate". The website will then copy the information from your existing listing. From here you simply edit the information and save.


No need to retype the information all over again. Just copy, edit, and save! 

Why do I need to list all of my properties? For example, you have 3 separate bedrooms for rent. If you only have one listing for all 3 bedrooms and it's already booked/paid for a certain period, those dates will be blocked out online and your listing will show as unavailable. So, if another guest is interested for the same period, they won't know that you have 2 other available units. Therefore it is best that you list each property separately for more sales opportunities!

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