Is there a way for me to suggest alternative properties for inquiries I receive?

The "Suggest Alternative" option is available for Hosts with multiple property listings on Roomorama.  You use this option to offer an alternative property if the current one is unavailable. Here’s how it works:

1) Sign-in to your Roomorama account and proceed to your “Host Dashboard”. To view your Pending inquiries, click on the“Outstanding” tab. Select the specific inquiry and click on the message to open.

Alternatively, you can also click the "Accept Inquiry" button from the email notification. You will then be redirected to the Inquiry Summary page in Roomorama. Please see the sample below. (You may need to sign-in to your Roomorama account to automatically view this page)

2) On the  Inquiry Summary page, if the current property is not available for the dates requested, you simply click on "Suggest Alternatives". This option will allow you to offer your other property listings as an alternative accommodation. 

3) On the next page, select the property/properties that you wish to offer as an alternative (selected property will be highlighted in yellow). Please note, the amount shown under the alternative property is the subtotal and not the daily rate. At this stage, you can amend the room rates if needed.

4)  You can also select, “Also mark these dates unavailable in the calendar for this property”to automatically block the dates of the first property and mark them as unavailable in your calendar. After selecting the property/properties, you can enter your message in the conversation box. To finalize and send, click on "Suggest These Alternatives". 

TIP: Please note if you use this option, you are sending back an "Available" inquiry advising your guest that the alternative property is available for the requested dates. Therefore, the guest will now have the option to complete the payment online based on the property listings, dates and room rates that you have confirmed. 

5) After confirming the alternative property, a pop-up message will appear on the top page confirming your response. You will then be redirected to the Host Dashboard page. From here, you can view your Available inquiries under the "Outstanding" tab. Each property listing that you offer as an alternative generates an inquiry to the guest that looks like an inquiry from ShoutOuts (with a red speech bubble icon).

Once you're done, just wait for the guest to reply to you or complete the payment!

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