What if my guest does not make payment in a timely manner? Can I accept inquiries for overlapping days?


Roomorama works on a first come first served basis. In general, the property will go to the first guest who pays the full amount through Roomorama. Therefore, you can accept as many inquiries as you wish! 

For cases such as overlapping days or duplicate inquiries
, once the inquiry is paid or booked. Roomorama will then inform the other guest that the property is not available anymore for the dates requested since it was paid and booked by someone else, at the same time their inquiry will automatically be declined. 

If you've been holding your property for a guest, feel free to send a follow-up message to remind him/her to complete the payment online. To send a follow-up message, sign in to your Roomorama account and select "Host Dashboard" from the username menu. You will see your Pending and Available inquiries under the "Outstanding" tab. Select the specific inquiry, and click on the message to open. After this step, you will be able to view the Inquiry Summary page.

In order to reply to an inquiry 
without confirming or declining the availabilityyou can use the “Reply” button. You use Reply mainly for general questions or to follow up with the guest. To do this, simply enter your message inside the conversation box and click on “Reply".  
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