Guidelines for Property Images


Roomorama reserves the right to delete property images considered inappropriate.
Each time we remove an image, we inform the host of the reason.

The following images will be removed:

  • Pictures showing animals/people

  • Images with watermarks/logos

  • Images composed of multiple smaller spaces

  • upside down pictures (and similar)

  • images showing generic pictures of the city

  • framed images

  • too dark / out of focus images

  • too small images

  • images showing messy or dirty rooms

And of course...showing the best images does NOT mean you have to lie about it, images MUST ALWAYS represent the property you are advertising.

We recommend displaying pictures in the following order (if available):

  1. Living area
  2. Bedroom(s)
  3. Kitchen
  4. The view from the apartment/house
  5. Exterior of apartment/building (no generic pictures of the city)
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