How would I know if I have a new inquiry/ message from Host?


Roomorama will be sending you a notification email for any new message from your Host. Our notification emails will include shortcut links or buttons which you can click to immediately access the specific inquiry or booking. You may need to log-in to your Roomorama account to access these links/ buttons.

As an added alert feature, Guests can also check their latest message via the Notification Icon. Once you sign in to your Roomorama account the notification icon will appear if you have a new inquiry or message from the Host. You can spot the icon next to your username link at the top page. Simply click on the"Notification icon" to see the latest information.

You will be notified if you have inquiries "Confirmed" by your host (Available Inquiry) and also paid inquiries that were "Cancelled" by your Host (Cancelled Inquiry). Simply click on the notification to go directly to the Inquiry Summary page. 

From the Inquiry Summary page, you can review the information coming from the Host and take action as necessary.

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