For Host - How do I reply to a "Guest Inquiry"?

Guest can use the Contact Host button to ask additional questions about your property listings.  By using this feature, Host will receive a "Guest Inquiry" containing the requested dates and message from the Guest.  Upon submitting the inquiry, Host will be notified via email to respond and accept the availability in order for the Guest to complete the payment online. 

For the complete steps on how to respond to a Guest Inquiry please follow the steps below. 

1) To acess and view the specific inquiry, simply click on "Accept Inquiry" from the email notification. You will then be redirected to the inquiry summary page. 

Alternatively,  you can also access all your inquiries and bookings directly from Roomorama. Just sign-in to your Roomorama account and proceed to your "Host Dashboard".  Your Pending inquiries will be saved under the "Outstanding" tab. 

2) On the Inquiry Summary page, you will be able to review the booking details (Dates, Room Rates, Number of Guest, Taxes and Guest Surcharges) you will also see the message from your Guest. To respond simply enter your message on the conversation box and click on "Reply" to send your message.

TIP: If you see any discrepancy on the booking summary page such as room rates, extra guest surcharges, taxes and dates. You can click on "Edit Details" (located next to Booking Details) to modify and update the inquiry.  For the complete steps regarding this feature click here.​

3) After sending your reply, you need to officially "accept"  the inquiry if your property listing is available for the dates requested. To do this click on "Accept". This option will allow the guest to complete the payment online to secure the booking. 

4) After accepting the Guest Inquiry, the status will automatically change to Available. From the Host Dashboard page, you can view this inquiry under the "Outstanding" tab. At this stage all you need to do is wait for the Guest to complete the booking! 

TIP: If you need to send a follow up message to your Guest, simply retrieve and open the specific inquiry. On the Inquiry Summary page, enter your message inside the conversation box and click on "Reply" to send your message. 
You may also use the following options depending on the availability of your property.

1) DECLINE BOOKING - If the property is not available for the dates requested, simply click on “Decline Booking”. This option will automatically inform the guest that the property is not available for the requested dates.   

After your click on "Decline", another window will pop-up to reconfirm your cancellation request.  As courtesy, kindly inform your guest the reason why you're declining the inquiry. Feel free to choose from the list of options available and click the "Not Available" button to finalize.

If you select, “My property is unavailable for these dates” option, Roomorama will automatically block the dates in your availability calendar and mark them as unavailable. 

From the Host Dashboard page, your can view your declined inquiries under the "Declined" tab. The guest will also be notified regarding the inquiry status. 
 2) SUGGEST ALTERNATIVE - You use this option to suggest an alternative property if the current one is not available. This option is only available for host with multiple property listings. For the complete steps regarding this option, please click on this link here.

For "Book Now" request - Host may also receive "Book Now" request from potential Guest. This option allows Guest to authorize payment if they are ready to book your property listing. After payment, Host will be notified via email to accept the booking request within 48 hours or it will be automatically declined. For the complete steps on how to respond to an "Book Now" request, please click here

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