How do I edit the room availability (calendar) on my listings?


Managing your availability is quick and easy! Just follow the steps below.

Sign in to your Roomorama account and select "Manage Properties" from the username menu.

Select the property that you would like to edit and then click on "Calendar". You use this function to view and edit your availability calendar.   

You will be redirected to the "Availability" tab under the Manage Property page. The left side column of this page will contain a brief explanation on how to set up availability and the “Enable/Disable” and This property is available” sections.   

The “Enable/Disable” section will allow you to set the visibility of your property. If you have selected "Disable" your property listing will not be visible online. The next section under “This property is available” will tell you whether your availability was set as "Forever" or "For the periods specified below". If you have selected "Forever", it means that your property will be available for the entire period without any restrictions. If you have selected "For the periods specified below", it means that your property will only be available for a selected period. 

You can scroll down to view the availability calendar for this listing. This calendar is automatically updated based on the inquiries that you receive such as Booked InquiriesCancelled/Declined inquiries (as long as you marked the dates as unavailable) and Outstanding Inquiries (these are inquiries that you have marked as available but still unpaid).

For example, if you received a paid or "Booked" inquiry. Your booked dates will automatically be blocked in your availability calendar (this will be highlighted in blue) to avoid duplicate bookings. At the same time, your property listing will also show as unavailable in Roomorama for the same dates. 

Below is a brief explanation regarding the color-codes in the Availability Calendar. 

The unavailable dates will be "Grayed out” while the available dates will have “No Highlights (Clear)”.
For paid or Booked inquiries, the booked dates on the calendar will be highlighted in “Blue” and for Outstanding inquiries (these are inquiries marked as available but still unpaid) the dates will be highlighted in “Light Blue”.

Important reminder: The dates highlighted in "Light Blue" in your availability calendar (Outstanding Inquiries) will still show as "Available" in Roomorama, which means that guest can still send you inquiries for those dates. 

To learn more about "Availability Calendar", please click here

To amend your availability, select the specific period in the availability calendar. Click on the start date and click on the end date. The system will highlight the dates and another window will pop-up to confirm your request.

In the example below, we wanted to edit February 17 until February 23 as "Unavailable", so we selected the aforementioned start date and end date respectively. 

On the pop-up window, you can set the new period as Available or Unavailable. Feel free to adjust the dates if needed. To save the new information, simply click on"Update"

You also have the option to set your Minimum Stay Duration and Check-in/Check-out restrictions. You can use this option if you want to additional restrictions for a certain period (for seasonal or peak period). 

Once your done the selected dates will be "Grayed out" and marked as unavailable. 

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