Can I sort my property listings by group?


With the Manage Group feature, host can now organize their property listings by group. This is ideal for host with multiple property listings in Roomorama. Below are the quick steps on how to do this. 
Sign in to your Roomorama account and select "Manage Properties" from the username menu. On the Manage Properties page, click on "Manage Group".  

Your property listings will be displayed by their default picture. For you to view the property name, just hover over using your mouse to a specific picture and the name of the property will appear. To create a new group, simply select and drag the specific property on the "New Group Area" located on the right part of the screen.

Once your done with your new group, you can now update the group name by clicking on the "header part" which is the top part of the group box.  Enter the group name.

When you have created your group, you can hover over a specific picture inside your group box to review the name of the property. If you need to edit a specific group, simply select the property that you want to remove. Just drag the picture out of the group box.

Once you're done, you can now view your listings by group! To do this, go to "Manage Properties", you can now choose to view your property listings based on the group name. The Search box will be defaulted to "Show All". Simply click and select the name of the group that you wanted to view. 

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