Am I obligated to host a guest who has sent me an inquiry?


As a Host, you can decide to whom you would like to rent your place. We suggest that you check the profile of any inquiring guests. You can also check the feedback and reviews from their previous host. If you require more information about your potential guest, please feel free to ask them before you decide to confirm the availability.

To reply to a guest inquiry without confirming the room availability, simply follow the steps below.

Tip: REMEMBER if you receive an Express Booking request, Hosts must respond to a booking request within 24 hours or it will be automatically declined.

1) Open the specific inquiry. In order to reply to an inquiry without confirming or declining the availabilityyou can use the “Reply” button. You use Reply mainly for general questions or to follow up with the guest. To do this, simply type in your message and click on “Reply" to send.

You can also click on the "Guest Username" to view the profile page of your potential guest. This located on the summary box or on top of initial message. 

3) The profile page, may contain a brief description of the guest as well as Reviews from previous hosts. 

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