What factors impact my search ranking and my profile “score”?


The most important factor in your search ranking is the rate at which you respond to your booking inquiries.  This is determined by the percentage of your total booking inquiries to which you respond (even to decline) and the amount of time it takes you to do so.


- DO respond to every inquiry - Even if it’s to decline! Being a proactive host will give you a more favorable response rate “score” on your profile and improve your search ranking results.  Increasing your response rate shows a guest that you are a reliable host and you mean business. 

DO respond within 24 hours - When you respond to a booking inquiry within 24 hours, a guest is 86% more likely to book your accommodation over someone else’s, and they’ll book it right away. 

REMEMBER that with the new "Book Now" feature, you must respond to an inquiry within 24 hours or it will be cancelled!

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