Where to find Calendar Sync .ics links from other websites


This is a simple guide for hosts who are listed on multiple channels such as Roomorama.com, Airbnb.com and/or Housetrip.com to find the .ics link which is necessary for the calendar sync feature. 
Below, we detailed the location and necessary steps to retrieve the .ics link on the different websites which currently support calendar syncing. 


  1. Log in to your Airbnb account. 
  2. Select [Your Listings] to reveal the properties/rooms you have listed. 
  3. Find the property/room that you wish to sync calendar with on Roomorama and select [Manage Listing].
  4. The default view is the Calendar page and to find the .ics link, scroll to the bottom of the Calendar page.
  5. Select [View Calendar Sync Instructions] to reveal a pop-up modal with the steps to follow
  6. Simply copy the link under the [Export Calendar] section on this pop-up and paste this link on Roomorama's Calendar Sync feature.


  1. Log in to your Housetrip account.
  2. Select [My Account] from the top dropdown menu.
  3. You will now see the properties/rooms that you have listed, pick the one you wish to sync calendar with on Roomorama and click on [Calendar] on the top right corner on the listing to reveal the calendar page.
  4. To find the .ics link, select [Manage Calendars] to bring up the calendar sync modal. 
  5. Highlight the iCal export link, right click to select the copy option. (Currently, the [Copy] button that you see on the modal doesn't work)
  6. Paste this link into the Roomorama Calendar sync feature to sync calendar. 

Calendar sync happens once every six hours on an automated schedule. 

If you have trouble syncing your calendar, kindly reach out to calendar@roomorama.com.


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